Light, strong and easy to install, use Palletblocker to:

  • lock-up  and clearly identify out of specification products.
  • stop the accidental movement of quarantined pallets, particularly important in warehouses with FLT operators less familiar to company systems.
  • quarantine pallets in their current location removing the need to relocate stock to a dedicated quarantine area, releasing this space for the storage of good product.
  • strengthen your existing electronic or paperwork quarantine system.
  • visibly demonstrate the effectiveness of your quarantine procedures to BRC or ISO auditors assisting your system’s validation.
  • ensure that your release for sale, positive release or First in – First out procedures are followed.
  • give your customers confidence in your supply chain processes.
  • help prevent the accidental use of your supplier’s defective materials in your process.
  • extend the  “Lock out – Tag out” approach to safety already in use in your plant to non-conforming product.
  • enhance your 5S best practice using the neat storage bracket to store devices in many locations throughout your warehouse.